WE and XFire

The news is in!

A handful of players from the WE will have the opportunity to go train with Xfire after being identified at the friendlies the club attended last month. These players will head over for training in early May 2019.

This is a great opportunity for the players who excelled that weekend!

This is just the beginning for Washington East and the first round of our own players getting opportunities to train with the best in the state!

Chad Brown Technical Director, “I’m excited for these players to go and be challenged and bring back their experience to help their teams be better! “


Boys                                      Girls

Asher Steer 05                      Isabella Longo 05

Ryan Taigen 05                     Isabel Wright 05

Sam Garabedian 05              Joey Hornyak 06

Caleb Putney 06                    Keegan Tee08

Cyler Patruso 06                    Laila Kaiel 08

Beau Butner 07

Rocky Wells 07

Demani Arizpe 07